Our Process

We at Central Mass Plastering understand that in order for a job to be done right the first time, be done in a timely manner, and be completed on budget, it is important to have a plan. We live and work by the creed, “Plan your work, and work your plan”.

Discussing the project

First, we discuss with you the project details, determining the scope of work. Then, we usually prefer to meet with you in person so that we can review the project and take measurements, and determine if there are any special or unusual requirements of the project.

Preparing an estimate

Next, we prepare a free estimate that will cover both the cost of the project as well as the expected completion date.  This includes the time we allot for job site prep and cleanup.  We do everything we can to insure that the work site is kept clean and the surrounding area is protected.

Keeping it clean

Upon arrival at the job site, we move what is necessary, taking pride and care when handling and moving possessions.  We always cover floors, woodwork, etc. to be sure to keep the area clean.

Doing the work, right

The Blue board and Plaster work is then conducted.  Once completed, after allowing for adequate time for drying, we will make a final visit to the site to make sure there are no cracks or flaws in your new plaster walls and ceilings, and make any necessary final touches.